The campaign highlights AGL’s aptitude for experimentation, passion for bold shapes and bright colours, with an instinct for fun, irreverence and rebellion in shoe design.

AGL draws on the visual language of women’s footwear and unconventional thinking, a trait clearly visible in its various models: a flat sandal with woven petals in soft, contemporary, black and gold leather. The strappy upper of a block heel sandal made of three-dimensional cotton fabric, reminiscent of a branched coral structure, eccentric, extravagant and irresistibly tactile. Finally, an open-toe mule in passionate red with shaped heel and polished profile, typical of an understated sculptural masterpiece.

The video places AGL’s colourful, extroverted styles against a neutral, horizonless background – the perfect backdrop for a collection whose passionate reds, hot pinks and lush golds celebrate the art of standing out. As the protagonist walks carelessly across this dreamlike landscape, intensely coloured dust clouds rise up, falling to create mounds and waves resembling the dunes of a brightly coloured dessert – an ironic homage to several of the models sporting sandy-textured uppers in terms of both colour and material.

The video also shows AGL’s design innovations: leather flowers blooming on shoe surfaces; straps with multiple buckles; oversized, kaleidoscopic crystals as decoration; woven uppers with multicoloured hiking laces on chunky rubber soles.