The Fall/Winter 2024/2025 Collection was born from the study of proportions, symmetries and the balance of geometries, experimenting with clean and precise lines of shapes, heels and decorations.

Triangular heels combined with sharp toes, or multi-striped heels for square toes, mathematical embroidery such as matelassé, lines of crystals as finishes, leather with laser cut graphic work. As the pencil slides across the paper, the desire to abandon oneself to a more impulsive and imperfect drawing also grows, where the lines lose their way to draw a new, imaginative and imprecise story.

The drawings of FLAWED GEOMETRIES are born from these less mathematical and extraordinarily human atmospheres. A network of squares on which imprecise, interrupted and intersected lines parade, made with multiple micro metal studs, which dress the ballerina, the moccasin, or the lace up bootie.

Bows covered in crystals illuminate the spotted suede, or the reversed leather moccasins with a material effect. Over-the-knee boots with a masculine-inspired shape are decorated with see-through crystal circles. Metallic jais, studs and crystals also for the Texan sabots and sandals with large volumes with anatomical and light fussbett bottoms, combined with large buckles. Macro platform bottoms, or flatform, made of natural rubber expanded with air, to obtain a mix perfect in volume and lightness, they support hyper-feminine styles such as the baby shoe, or the over-the-knee stretch latex boot, which wraps the leg like a second skin.