AGL launches its shoe collection for Spring Summer 2024 with a dynamic film exploring movement and shimmer.

AGL’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection was inspired by the dystopic regal beauty of Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. A study of control, power and desire, the movie is entrenched in a hyperreal wash of femininity. Carefully aggregated embellishment is key. Who doesn’t want to be Queen for a day? The collection is introduced by a campaign film styled by Katie Grand and directed by Felix Cooper. In the moving image short, the inspiration for the collection is transposed to a future kingdom of unleashed shimmer, set against a gloss back background. The model, unclothed but for a delicate body shine moves uninhibited, all the better for making the shoes the bejewelled star of the show. In an inverse of regal tradition, the attention focuses to the floor, not the ceiling, as they turn that crown upside down.

From inspiration to delivery, for Spring/Summer we see how the elegance of traditional form can be reshaped as the something unapologetic, strong and free. The modernized rococo design of the footwear takes in bold shapes and colours (vivid neons, lime, aqua, fuschia) and purpose designed fresh fabrics, including a washed denim and calendered terry with gloss effect.

Like the film, this footwear is about reinvigorating classical ideals with ultra-modern thought, past and future coexisting in perfect harmony. Heels, straps and slippers feel like they belong to a new age of royalty: selfposessed, warm, stylish and bold.