Film & Fashion enthusiasts, art lovers and industry insiders were recently treated to an extraordinary experience at Eye Filmmuseum as visual artist Lissa Brandon celebrated her 10 year anniversary and presented her latest body of work.

Wednesday afternoon the event took place, immersing the audience in a spiritual ambiance led by experience designer Bruno Sitton, who set the stage for the highlight of the event: the screening of “Five Apples Do Not Make A Pair”. A short abstract film on rebirth with a high fashion approach, directed by the versatile artist and director Tim Wes. The debut of Brandon’s alter ego, Mojo Nodnarb, on the silver screen was followed up by a mini doc that expressed the review of Together & Dedicated’s production crew and the the uniquely assembled cast. This closing element of the event, left the visitors in excitement for what’s next for the multidisciplinary Lissa Brandon.

Lissa: ‘my heart is filled with love and gratitude for everyone who has put their energy into this body of work. My indispensable right hand Ricky Letnom and I have really been living up to this moment and it’s a huge blessing to see the puzzle slowly fall into place. A big thank you to everyone that came out for this experience, ya’ll looked beautiful! Inner worlds reflect outer worlds. Cheers to that x’

Photos by Giulia Gaburro