AERON is marking its third runway show in the Danish capital. The collection is presented at the historical area of Frederiksgade 1, next door to the world-renowned Marble Church, in a gallery setting with ceramic and textile artworks, while ethereal sounds wind through the space, echoing serenity and sophistication.

The observation, reception, and interpretation of art, parallels Eszter Áron’s endeavor of designing garments that go beyond their sole function, emphasizing the process of creating a final product This attitude is the foundation of AERON’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection, which further developed into a collaboration between the brand and Hungarian artist, Sri Ember. Inspired by the intersection of common thoughts, the passing of time, its constant presence and continuous effect, the collection explores the beauty of alteration and cyclicity over a lifetime, broadening the idea that first arose in the Pre-Fall 2024 collection.

“Six months ago, for the occasion of Copenhagen Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024, we collaborated with Leila Guinnefollau to create an art installation to give a poetic overview of what constitutes AERON. It wasn’t just a new medium to us, but a moment of realization. AERON has been there for over a decade which is a continuous journey of learning, developing, and maturing. Art has always been a source of inspiration to me. Not just the artworks themselves, but the process of observing and interpreting the subject, which then becomes a new creation inside the mind. That’s how I look at a garment or a collection: in motion, filled with feelings and emotions. Fall/Winter 2024 is about connecting these dots and exploring them through a collaboration with Sari Ember, whose artworks and latest exhibition resonated with the thoughts that define this period.”

Eszter Aron. Founder and Creative Director

Sari Ember (1985) is a Hungarian artist working with various mediums. Her artistic practice revolves around universal experiences, intergenerational connections, aging, maturing and decay, visualized through archetypal motifs and symbolic perceptions. The Fall/Winter 2024 collection encompasses her approach and incorporates it into colors, textures, prints and small appliques while keeping AERON’s distinctive sharp lines and clean silhouettes.

A painted study of a vase appears on a knitted sweater and poplin and silk shirts are adorned with various scales of the motif. The vase is a recurring symbol in Ember’s work, a timeless obiect whose round shape remained consistent since the beginning of humanity. As a cohesive power of the collaboration, the vase is a metaphor for the body, representing a massive entity that is for keeping precious things inside, however, paradoxically it breaks casily

Similar to the scheme of the vase, patterns constructed of patches and gestures unfold on showpieces hand-painted by the artist. The plant-dyed garments evoke the image of relics found during archacological excavations. Ceramic buttons applied to shirts, blazers, and coats are intricate objects made by Ember that reconcile the contrast of function and ornament. Textures are also playing with balancing opposites: brushed mohair and smooth cashmere are set against grainy leather and cotton twill fabrications

AERON’s signature earthy tones receive a new connotation: shades of browns representing a compost of remnants and fertile soil, balancing the ambivalence of death and rebirth. As Sári Ember often depicts these subjects with an unconventional use of color, a pop of bold pink and arctic blue is implemented in the collection to act as an astonishing twist.

“Working with AERON on this collection had similarities to preparing an exhibition: each piece has to have the narrative capacity to tell a story on its own and to be relevant in the constellation of other objects: And you also have to tell this story very clearly and succinctly with one color, symbol or shape.”

Sári Ember

The Fall/Winter 2024 runway show is an extension of the collection, revealed inside a gallery space to experience the universe of the collaboration. AERON’s return to Copenhagen Fashion Week continues its support ofthe international, domestic and local community: the model casting includes our Danish friends of the brand, the movement is directed by Fransiska Paula, the musie is produced by Hungarian artist, IOLEM with sounds from our Atelier and Sári Ember’s studio, and shoes are provided by the Scandinavian brand, Flattered.