He kept us on the edge of our seats in the thriller war film Dunkirk, we followed him one episode after another in the series Peaky Blinders… As a Montblanc Mark Maker, Cillian Murphy encourages us to always renew ourselves and to devote our lives to what truly inspires us. For its special Paris issue, Numéro Homme highlights this message of prime importance conveyed by the Irish actor.

As a Montblanc Mark Maker, alongside footballer Zinedine Zidane and actor Pierre Niney, Irish actor Cillian Murphy is one of those personalities who encourage us to always renew ourselves and to devote our lives to what truly inspires us. These values are reflected in the new Montblanc collection entitled “On The Move”, which features functional and sophisticated pieces, such as the Montblanc Extreme 3.0 backpack with its climbing-inspired fastening system, writing instruments with refined designs, pens, as well as movement and connected watches. “We all often wonder if we took the right decisions and what would have happened if we had taken a different path. The way we move certainly defines us, and the message of this campaign reveals that if you do what you are passionate about and what makes sense to you, chances are that you are on the right path”, Cillian Murphy explains.

At 46, Cillian Murphy has established himself as a coveted figure in the film industry. His mesmerizing aura deepen by his cold gaze and his powerful acting skills make him a major actor, although he rarely stars in leading roles. Originally, the actor was not destined for the big screen. Dreaming of a career in music, Cillian Murphy enjoyed the teenage rock’n’roll he shared with his brother. After a theater training program and some performances in Neil LaBute’s The Shape Of Things (2003) and Kirsten Sheridan’s drama film Disco Pigs (2001), he eventually stepped out of anonymity. In 2002, director Danny Boyle fell for his candid appearance and Cillian Murphy got the leading role in the horror film 28 Days Later. He plays the character of Jim, a courier who finds himself in a deserted London after waking from a coma. Acclaimed by the critic, the film deliberately featured actors who were little known by the public and stood “at the crossroads between war films, seventies zombie movies, and British science fiction”, screenwriter Alex Garland says.

Since 2013, Cillian Murphy has embodied Thomas Shelby, a charismatic and enigmatic hero of the First World War, traumatized by his experience as a tunneller, who became the leader of the Peaky Blinders, a famous gangster family in England in the 1920s. Acclaimed by the critic and electrified by an anachronistic soundtrack, Steven Knight’s historical drama unveils a fascinating and nebulous character with an impenetrable heart. But it was with director Christopher Nolan that his career took a real turn. Originally considered for the role of Batman, Nolan eventually chose Christian Bale, a British actor known for his impressive transformations. Instead of being the new Dark Knight of Gotham City, he inherited the mask of the Scarecrow, a nightmarish scientist. Following his remarkable performance in the first two opus, Batman Begins (2005) and Batman The Dark Knight (2008), he then joined the impressive cast of the oneiric thriller Inception, thus becoming one of Nolan’s favorite actors with Tom Hardy. After Dunkirk in 2017, he will star in the British-American director’s new feature Oppenheimer, a biopic in which he plays the role of the American researcher Julius Robert Oppenheimer, the mastermind in charge of the conception of the atomic bomb in the United States during the Second World War.


Photography SIMON WATSON
Photographer assistant DAVID FERNÁNDEZ
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