Acromatyx, a fashion brand known for its creativity and ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, is pleased to present its new collection: “Follow me even if you don’t love me”, the result of an exciting collaboration with the prominent artist, architect, and designer Tito Pérez Mora, known for his capability to explore deep issues such as time, matter, and memory in a poetic and philosophical manner.

Beauty can be found in the simple and the standard. “Follow me even if you don’t love me” seeks to change the way we view common things. The heart of this collection is the idea of the designers to turn the ordinary into art, reminding us that “it all depends on the perspective of each individual”. In our busy daily lives, we often overlook the beauty hidden in our surroundings, taking out of context what we have within our reach. A bold proposal to change our perception of common things. The designers play with sizes, materials, and everyday objects to create surprising and unique garments that challenge our expectations. Here, you will find items like the “sewn suit”, the “trash jacket”, the “trash white shorts”, each meticulously designed and interpreted to invite you to appreciate the beauty in the simple and the ordinary.

Tito Pérez Mora’s influence on the collection “Follow me even if you don’t love me” goes beyond inspiration. The artist has taken part in iconic pieces of the brand with his artistic touch and innovative perspective, merging the worlds of art and fashion in a collaboration that breaks with conventional expectations. Discover this magic at the exhibition in Acromatyx’s new space in the La Latina neighborhood of Madrid, where beauty in simplicity comes to life and surprises.

The collaboration between Acromatyx and Jane Bardot give life to a new jewelry collection where everyday objects are transformed into wearable art. Hardware hangers become elegant pendants, stationery clips turn into fashion accessories, and kitchen bags hold vacuum-sealed jewelry, creating a surprising concept of “meta-jewelry”. This project, guided by the creative vision of María Blanco, creative director of Jane Bardot, redefines the ordinary with a unique fusion of art and fashion.

photography Javier Biosca
models Laura Ponte, Mica Tosi, Nico Bleu
accessories Jane Bardot x Acromatyx
hair stylist Salón 44
makeup artist José Carlos González
lighting design Enrique Escandell
studio Ruge
sewing workshop Ojo de Aguja
pattern makers Consuelo Ezcurra and Rosa Sevilla
digital development Elisa Pan