The dawn is calm. The half-empty streets are bathed in the first rays of sunlight and the smell of wet asphalt is intense. The city begins to wake up but you have not yet returned home. After that frenetic night, the street almost poetically crosses the early risers going to work or jogging with the nocturnal souls returning from a nightclub.
The feeling is that everything starts, but you are metaphorically finished. People look at you, you feel out of place,
you cover up your old make-up…
However, your comeback look makes you adopt an attitude of triumphant defeat.

Oversize silhouettes that combine with knitwear and quilted scarves. Black as a common thread plays with turquoise, green, electric blue and the sparkle of sequins. Unique pieces created from vintage denims, which are the reflection of those executives who went to afterwork, and who will never remember the moment when they lost control.
The colours of the collection are: Liquid black, electric blue, turquoise and deep green.
Fabrics: wool, silk, cotton, denim and sequins.

Starting from tailoring, we investigate volumes and finishes, to create a concept of urban tailoring where sleeves take prominence and are lengthened, distorting the body volume or coming out of the front in jackets, dresses and shirts.
In collaboration with Levi’s ®, we have created 5 looks with vintage garments and remaining stock, to recycle, reuse and give a second life to existing garments. This is one of our bets to create unique and exclusive pieces using the now known term Upcycling. There is nothing more sustainable than working on existing garments.