From an ancient and exquisite artisanal extraction technique called La Spugnatura comes a rare and precious citrus essence, forming the heart of Acqua di Parma’s latest creation – Arancia La Spugnatura. Inspired by the traditional method that involves the skilled use of “cavatore,” this limited edition scent celebrates the Arancia Vaniglia fruit from Sicily’s Ribera, renowned as ‘the city of oranges.’ With its contrasting olfactory properties, Arancia La Spugnatura beautifully intersects the refreshing allure of oranges with the captivating softness of vanilla, delivering a bittersweet symphony that offers a truly surprising olfactive experience.

As a brand dedicated to preserving the oldest and most valuable artisanal processes, Acqua di Parma showcases the manual extraction of the citrus essence with the ancient La Spugnatura technique. This fascinating traditional expertise involves the meticulous extraction of the essence from the Arancia Vaniglia fruit. Highly revered artisans carefully cut each fruit in half using a well-sharpened knife. They then use the special spoon-shaped “cavatore” utensil to separate the skin from the pulp, revealing the precious rinds that hold the essence. These orange rinds are then gently pressed onto sea sponges, which diligently absorb every drop of the essence. The rich citrus elixir is carefully collected by squeezing the sponges in precise movements into terracotta containers, emphasizing the limited production capacity that depends entirely on manual processes. Remarkably, only 300g of essence is extracted from approximately 100kg of fruit, showcasing the rarity and exclusivity of this ingredient.

Master perfumer François Demachy artfully crafted a composition that celebrates the Arancia Vaniglia fruit in all its depth and richness. With an initial burst of citrus notes complemented by the contrasting softness of vanilla, Arancia La Spugnatura unveils a harmonious equilibrium of contrasts. The addition of yellow mandarin versus bitter almond brings a touch of bittersweet complexity, while black pepper adds texture and brilliance. The resulting fragrance is a joyful and luminous masterpiece that splendidly captures the glorious rays of the Italian sun, enveloping its wearers in an uplifting and unforgettable aura.

To further elevate the experience, Acqua di Parma designed the porcelain bottle with meticulous artisanship, creating a distinct and captivating aesthetic that embodies the essence of the Blu Mediterraneo collection. The production process begins with a plaster mold, into which the porcelain mix is manually poured, forming the iconic Art Déco shape. Each bottle is meticulously refined to achieve an even and smooth surface. After being dipped into a glaze bath and baked for hours, the bottle takes on a stunning deep blue tone, adorned with white, burnished orange, and golden motifs inspired by the fragrance’s ingredients. The final touch includes a blue porcelain lid and a neck made with a unique grinding technique developed exclusively for Acqua di Parma, featuring a removable screw top pump for practicality and elegance.

From the essence’s delicate extraction to the captivating bottle design, Arancia La Spugnatura celebrates the precious harmony of nature and artistry, reflecting Acqua di Parma’s commitment to crafting exceptional fragrances with a deep respect for tradition and innovation. Immerse yourself in the luminous world of Arancia La Spugnatura, where a timeless and masterful creation awaits to adorn your senses in joy and sophistication.