Precious Florentine wrapping papers made with the marbling technique enliven the entire collection with an explosion of colours and lights for a joyful holiday season

Colourful decorations, the magic of lights and the happiness of being together. Acqua di Parma’s holiday season shines with a new charm.

An explosion of colours, a feast of wonders will unravel in your home as the magic of an artisan workshop animated by traditional Italian craftsmanship comes to life: candles, diffusers and fragrances decorated with prints made with the marbled paper technique, an art that tells the story of time-honoured skills handed down from generation to generation.

Through the colourful shades of an artist’s palette, the Holiday Season collection comes to life with exclusive products and enriched with new olfactory experiences for a season that warms the heart and sparks up the holidays.

The colourful decorations that wrap up the entire collection are the unique and inimitable result of the precious technique of marbling, applied to Florentine papers and adopted for all the products of the collection. Acqua di Parma’s unmistakeable trademark yellow, Mediterranean blue and forest green. On top of that the elegant tones of black, red with its warming and invigorating power, and finally gold, a shade to light up an unforgettable celebration. These colours represent the new Holiday Season, for a celebration that will sprinkle around the wonder of an authentic tradition.


The upcoming winter holidays are wrapped up in colours and lights with gift boxes dedicated to Colonie and Blu Mediterrano and the new Home Collection candles in a limited edition. Then, along with other special gift ideas from the Barbiere line, you will find the most fascinating Signatures of the Sun fragrances. The collection is completed by the Advent Calendar, in a special edition rich with surprises to discover day by day.

Italian magic spreads in the air with the three new home fragrances created in a limited edition by Acqua di Parma for a real festival of wonders. Decorated spaces rich in colours, and gifts are ready to welcome your dearest guests to celebrate the most beautiful and warm moment of the year when we all come together. The tables are set with typical holiday desserts, Christmas decorations enliven the houses, and the fireplace offers a comforting warmth. The holiday season is enriched with the new Panettone, Bosco and Magia del Camino candles and diffusers. These new olfactory emotions are literally dressed up for the festive season thanks to the time-honoured paper marbling technique applied to the packaging, bottles and glass holders.

These exclusive pieces are especially made for Acqua di Parma’s Holiday Season collection. Yellow tones characterise the Panettone line, forest green is dedicated to the Bosco products, whilst warm red accents evoke a crackling fire in the Magia del Camino designs.

A delight for the eyes, taste and smell with a fragrance inspired by the wonderful Christmas cake of the Milanese tradition loved all over the world. A fragrance that awakens festive memories combining Acqua di Parma’s sun-drenched and citrusy Frutti d’Oro with the irresistible gourmandes notes of vanilla and candied fruits.

The charming scent of fir trees and the green shades of the pine needles blend with the invigorating freshness of eucalyptus, whilst the contrasting notes of cloves add a touch of warmth. The atmosphere of an enchanted forest will enliven the holiday celebrations.

Create the perfect atmosphere to bring family and friends together in the living room with the comforting warmth of a cozy and woody fragrance. A fragrance that crackles like a burning fire, where woody accents are mixed with warm notes of incense and the enveloping touch of amber. This is the Magia del Camino fragrance. The candles are available in the 200gr format and the diffusers in the 180ml format. The Bosco fragrance is also available in two spectacular sizes, the 500gr candle with three wicks and the 500ml diffuser.

Inspired by the Maison’s iconic hat box and entirely decorated with marbled paper in yellow and gold shades, the advent calendar marries craftsmanship with design. Twenty-five windows of wonder contain precious gifts to discover day by day. A wonderful countdown with each window revealing a new gift and offering an olfactory insight into the universe of the Maison. From the Colonie to Blu Mediterraneo and the precious Signatures of the Sun fragrances to the new Magia del Camino and Bosco 28gr and 70gr scented candles.


An explosion of lights and colours wraps up the hat boxes dedicated to Colonia and Colonia Essenza wonderfully presented in boxes with marbled decorations that combine the traditional Christmas nuances of green, red and gold with Acqua di Parma’s trademark radiant yellow. Inside the two gift boxes there is a complete selection of products including a 100ml Eau de Cologne, a 75ml Shower Gel and 50ml Deodorant spray.

Colonia – An iconic fragrance whose sunny notes reflect the security of one’s roots and the values that really matter. A fragrance to celebrate genuine emotions and bonds.

Colonia Essenza – An electrifying atmosphere, the sudden emotion of something about to happen. A sophisticated fragrance with a woody, vibrant and citrus accord.

An exciting gift to immerse yourself in the vibrant vitality of the Italian Mediterranean, with a packaging in marbled paper inspired by the colours of the sea and of the holiday season. The three gift boxes, Arancia di Capri, Mirto di Panarea and Fico d’Amalfi include a 75ml Eau de Toilette, a 40ml Shower Gel and a 50ml Body Lotion. These practical and handy formats will allow you to take the essences of a scented Garden of Eden everywhere you go. Arancia di Capri – Sunny and relaxing, it releases notes of orange, mandarin and lemon, symbolic citrus fruits of the Mediterranean island. Fico di Amalfi – A vital triumph of bergamot, lemon and grapefruit combined with the notes of fig nectar in an irresistible and surprising harmony. Mirto di Panarea – Intensely regenerating, mixes myrtle and basil with the aromatic notes of the Mediterranean maquis and the scent of the sea breeze.


The surprising gifts of the three Ritual Sets dedicated to: Barbiere and Arancia di Capri. Three refined selections to enjoy moments of profound wellbeing in your daily rituals.

A sophisticated ritual for shaving and self-care inspired by the Barbiere world, with the Refreshing Face Cleanser, the Soft Shaving Cream and the Multi-action Face Cream, all in the convenient 40ml format in a package that, thanks to its
removable inner compartments, can be reused. For a more complete experience, the iconic scented notes of Colonia in a 20ml bottle.

An Eau de Cologne that with its essence releases an exciting light-heartedness in every note. The happiness, joy and freedom that arise from sharing unforgettable moments such as the holiday season. The box with its removable inner compartments contains the 100ml Eau de Cologne next to the 12ml vial.

A gift designed to pleasantly accompany everyday gestures with two practical formulas. The Hand Soap and Colonia Hand Cream in 300ml formats moisturise and protect the skin with the fragrant touch of Colonia.

A festive set of rituals for hands inspired by Arancia di Capri and presented in marbled paper packaging in blue shades. An original idea to offer as a present the vibrant breeze of the Italian Mediterranean with Arancia di Capri Hand Soap and
Hand Cream in 300ml formats. Two radiant formulas that caress the skin with the sun-drenched and relaxing notes of one of the most beloved Blu Mediterraneo fragrances.
*Exclusively in boutiques and online

A perfume that radiates an extraordinary light thanks to the encounter between the bittersweet notes of yuzu and Acqua di Parma’s precious Frutti d’Oro. The 100ml Eau de Parfum and 200ml Shower Gel are dedicated to those who love the radiant notes of this rare fragrance.
*Exclusively in boutiques and online

The encounter between the freshness of Italian citrus and the olfactory opulence of the oud gives birth to this charismatic and intense scent. The Oud Favorites Set is dedicated to those who love this intense and deep fragrance that bursts with
energy in the 100ml Eau de Parfum and the 200ml Shower Gel.

A journey through Acqua di Parma’s art of fragrance dedicated to the Signatures of the Sun collection. A gift set consisting of a selection of three 12ml fragrances: Lily of The Valley, Yuzu and Osmanthus. A set presented in a black marbled box
with luxurious touches of gold. The removable inner compartment can take on a second life and be reused in different ways. Lily of the Valley – The lively and powerful scent of lily of the valley enhanced by vibrant and bright citrus notes in an artistic composition that unravels continuous olfactory discoveries.

Yuzu – The bittersweet notes of yuzu, a rare oriental citrus, meet Acqua di Parma’s unmistakable Frutti d’Oro in a fragrance that radiates an extraordinary light.

Osmanthus – A radiant and sensual fragrance that interprets the precious essence of the osmanthus flower through the luminous prism of Italian citrus.

An invitation to celebrate a wonderful party of colours and scents. A selection of ten different fragrances of the Maison in a single set, exclusively available online, that immediately catches your eye thanks to the yellow and gold shades of the
refined marbled paper. Colonia, Colonia Essenza, Colonia Pura, Mirto di Panarea, Fico di Amalfi, Arancia di Capri, Yuzu, Oud, Osmanthus, and Quercia in the 1.5ml format will envelop you in a bright world of olfactory sensations.