A collection that expresses the sublime art of perfumery, which includes the Home Fragrance Collection, enhancing the variety of new candles and diffusers that release the notes of four of the most popular fragrances in the collection: Yuzu, sunny and brilliant, Osmanthus, radiant and sensual, Oud, magnetic and enveloping, Quercia, strong and charismatic. Different olfactory epiphanies that give the sensation of discovering a well-known ingredient as if for first time.

Yuzu, a rare oriental citrus fruit, fuses its fresh and bittersweet notes with a spiced hint of Sichuan pepper, soft floral accents, and the freshness of the violet plant. An ideal fragrance to welcome guests and friends on summer nights into the radiant atmosphere that is your living room or terrace. It’s like opening the windows on a sunny day and letting that burst of dynamic and vibrant light flood your home.

Osmanthus has an extraordinary olfactory power. It is the flower of joy, small and delicate, it diffuses its inebriating and voluptuous notes to the sensual ones of the peony, to the hints of ambrette, and the enveloping patchouli, giving the sensation of being surrounded by an atmosphere of well-being.

Quercia. A generous fragrance that gives sensations of freshness and light, like when the sun filters through the branches of a majestic oak forest. The notes of oak musk, crossed with vivacious pink pepper which is illuminated by the union of lemon and bergamot, diffuses gently throughout your home.

The infinite nuances of the precious Oud oil unexpectedly intertwine with Russian coriander, bergamot and Amyris wood from Haiti, creating a warm welcome for your guests. A continuous olfactory discovery, an atmosphere that slowly reveals its magnetic splendour.

Yuzu, Osmanthus, Quercia and Oud are sold in the 200g glass candle version with natural white wax, and as a 180 ml fragrance diffuser, complete with black reed sticks. The colour codes of the collection characterise the iconic Art Deco design in shiny black lacquered glass, embellished by a black velvet label, that is soft to the touch, and golden lettering. The external case is black and gold, this is true for the entire Home Fragrance collection, and it is in a new simple compact size made with precious FSC paper, internationally certified as it is produced in a responsible manner in forests around the world. This is in line with Acqua di Parma’s Futura sustainability programme.

Splendid and luminous compositions, an inexhaustible kaleidoscope of emotions that give personality and character to your home, with sensory accents that are always different, for your personal pleasure, to be received as a present or to give as a gift chosen with care.

Acqua di Parma, with its fragrances Signatures of the Sun, was able to bring together and reveal the light within each ingredient through their century old art of perfumery methods. In a similar manner, every time Roberto Milan sculpts wood, he opens a dialogue with the raw and malleable material, giving it new life, revealing its soul and new meanings.

The Maison asked the artist to interpret the luminosity of each fragrance and to give it plasticity, engulfing the physical product within the sculpture. Candles and diffusers become an integral part of the artwork, offering the sculptor additional creative stimuli. The common thread of these works of art, sculpted in linden wood, is also colour. Black and gold, iconic colours of the Signatures of the Sun collection, together with the unmistakable yellow brush strokes of Acqua di Parma.

“The unique pieces I have created for Acqua di Parma are the expression of the plasticity of the living material that is wood, and of the luminosity that resides in each of the collection ingredients” Roberto Milan explains.

The artist draws on material symbolism to transform the fragrances into tangible forms, and he gives light to a symphony of wood and bronze that expresses itself in all of its consistency and elegance. The processing techniques used ensure that the wood – in the iconic Maison colours: black, gold and yellow – acquire new life, with the same mastery with which Acqua di Parma enlivens its ingredients.

Majestic roots hold up the oak tree, Quercia, and symbolise its strength, Oud is enveloped by resin in an enchanting embrace, Yuzu irradiates its energy from the centre of its magnificent bright sun and Osmanthus blossoms like a brilliant flower in all its olfactory power.

The final masterpiece, a homage to perfection within imperfection, is the engraved sun covered in gold plating, which concludes the artistic narration with brightness from the Italian sun, which revitalises everything it touches.

Five sculptures, five unique works of art. Protagonists of the visual campaign, where they are enhanced by a few essential elements. The pedestal, on which every sculpture is exhibited and celebrated, and in the background a series of arches, an allusion to a museum, an art gallery or a fashion house.

The collaboration between Roberto Milan and Acqua di Parma is one that occurs only in art, it reveals a new experience of perfumes bringing the impalpable world of olfactory sensations into the world of matter and plasticity.

“Art can unearth reality in ways never seen before. And the same is true with Acqua di Parma’s fragrances: it’s like breathing an ingredient for the first time.”