Born from his interview and art portfolio in the relaunch issue of Acne Paper, the limited-edition collection in collaboration with Angelo Plessas features embroidered patches based on the  artist’s Noospheric Cape project. Adorned with talismanic symbols, the cape is viewed as a  ritualistic tool that addresses aspects of spirituality, cultural heterogeneity, and healing from our  hyper-connected world. 

“The symbols come from a project where I explored the idea of the talisman in contemporary life.  I was using symbols and semiotics that you see in ancient Greece, for example, but also in  everyday communication like emojis and emoticons, and even cybernetics. I was interested in  this mingling of ancient, contemporary and futuristic so I collected a few symbols and we put  them on t-shirts, bomber jackets, and so on. They are talismans and symbols of hospitality,  friendship, sisterhood and generosity,” says Angelo Plessas. 

The embroidered patches adorn a range of unisex garments – an oversized creme beige t-shirt,  an oversized pale blue t-shirt, an oversized navy blue hoodie and a burgundy bomber jacket – and one home decor cushion. Born and based in Athens, Plessas also discusses his work in  three short films to accompany the launch of the collection and create several handmade capes  to be displayed in select stores around the world. Part wall hanging, orgonite shelter and  talismanic altar, the quilted and appliquéd fabrics used are “orgone-friendly”, which means they  are sewn using EMF (electromagnetic radiation) protection from household devices such as  laptops, smartphones, routers, etc. The collection of embroidered pieces will be available in stores worldwide and online at on 28th April.


In celebration of the collaboration with artist and technoshaman Angelo Plessas, Acne Studios hosted a Sunset Ceremony on the Wright Residence in Malibu, Los Angeles Thursday, 28th of April.