“What if this season’s character was a superhero?,” says creative director Jonny Johansson. “I think what’s interesting with clothing is that it can empower you. I can feel really strong just having the right clothing at the right moment. That’s a little bit what I’m trying to do here you know, that’s why that empowering thing is kind of like – it has superpowers!”

Acne Studios reveals its Menswear Spring/Summer 2025 collection, rooted in childhood nostalgia and naivety. Memories of the comfort of adolescence, carried into adulthood. A fascination with comic books; a clash of cuteness and rebellion. The push and pull of growing up, formulating an identity: garments that appear bleached, laddered or spray painted, meet the symbols of adulthood – tailoring, fine wools, pinstripes. The collection also features a collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Consumer Products, seeing its archetypal female superheroes refracted and reimagined through various techniques, recalling the experimentation and obsessions of adolescence.

“When you are young, you have that special passion for something. You kind of drag it along with you your whole life, and it comes in and out of your weave of life. Sometimes it’s stronger, sometimes it’s less, but there’s moments where you pull out that superhero t-shirt. As you get older and more mature, you start accepting your heritage in some way and you become proud of it. That’s who this guy is,” continues Johansson.

A mood of teenage comfort: hanging around in your pyjamas, not wanting to get dressed. Shifts in volume: wide-legged jeans meet second-skin tops or narrow elongated blazers, while slimmer cut shorts and vests recall scuba-wear. In tailoring, a focus on the waist: jackets with silicone piping narrow at the waistline, while overcoats are cinched and belted. There is a feeling of pulling back layers – a baggy draped trouser appears to be falling away from the body, while moments of transparency reveal a garment’s construction beneath.