Step into a realm where the essence of femininity intertwines with the allure of cosmetics, drawing inspiration from childhood memories, encapsulating the essence of an early era that continues to resonate.

This season showcases the closet of a woman from the moment she wakes to the moment she goes to sleep. Abra transforms stories into fashion, reminiscing on childhood and celebrating the extraordinary in the ordinary.

This season is inspired by memories of Abra’s mother’s unconventional-in-its-time wedding dress, and dresses made from balloons for his Barbie. It reflects an early world which left a permanent mark.

The compelling beauty of everyday femininity, and cosmetics, weave a thread from the pre-collection into winter. The spirit of nostalgia evoked by his aunt’s effortless style at work in the beauty salon, captured in time and embodied this season in the beauty looks of Sade.

This collection is an home to Abra’s mentor Helena Cardona. She taught him new ways to understand design and develop ideas into product.