ABOUT YOU presents its international capsule collection with the one and only Katy Perry, one of the most famous musicians worldwide. Inspired by Katy’s individual and expressive styles, a capsule collection of 81 pieces was created. Katy Perry exclusive for ABOUT YOU is only available in all 26 ABOUT YOU online shops with worldwide shipping available. 

This autumn, ABOUT YOU is relying on a global pop superstar: Katy Perry exclusive for ABOUT YOU. In addition to her numerous musical achievements, the artist has also distinguished herself through her strong passion for fashion. For years, Katy has been known for her colourful styles and expressive looks. “When I design anything – whether it’s clothes or shoes – I always think, ‘Would I wear this myself?’ The answer is ‘Yes!’ to this capsule collection with ABOUT YOU. I loved pairing these pieces with Katy Perry Collections shoes for fall/winter, and you can get the full lewks at aboutyou.com,” says Katy Perry. 

The capsule collection focuses on a diverse selection of materials with an emphasis on eco-friendly fabrics and different haptics. Innovative materials such as water-based PU and plant-based leather have been used to provide sustainable alternatives that still keep the special Katy touch. Almost every piece has a unique and recognizable detail that stands out. These details are characteristic of Katy and her glam looks and consist of pieces for everyday and a night out glam: cut outs, rhinestones, zippers or semi-transparent fabrics. The collection is characterised by the shades of autumn such as green, brown, berry and purple, as well as special patterns such as leopard print and metallic looks. The result is a distinctive Katy Perry look for everyone. “We are delighted to have an international superstar and entertainer working with us. Katy is very involved in every step along the way – beginning with the product development up until the creative concept and the final campaign. It’s all 100% Katy,“ said Sofia Hagemeier, Team Lead Exclusive Cooperations at ABOUT YOU.

Everyone knows Katy Perry – but who is she for real? Answering this question was the main idea behind the first joint collaboration. The focus was on ABOUT YOU’s motto: all collaborations should always be as personal and tangible as possible. Therefore, this time the fashion online shop wanted to create something that was even more approachable. The concept of the photoshoot, which took place in Los Angeles, presents a story full of paradoxes, both visually and contentwise. “The whole scene is set in a glamorous yet absurd 60’s inspired atmosphere which was enhanced by the nostalgic vibe of the shooting location, the Pink Motel in Sun Valley: elegance meets hilarious, representing a completely normal day with an extra touch of luxury and colourful details. The desired contrast is created by photographing over-the-top outfits in an authentic and unfiltered setting,” explains Julian Jansen, Director Content at ABOUT YOU.  The overall imagery presents Katy in an artistic and unconventional way. In the campaign video, exaggerated voiceover statements along with a wink from the artist herself provide a humorous touch. The extraordinary campaign was staged by the renowned photographer Greg Swales and directors duo kapturing.

All 81 pieces will be available from 2 November 2022 in all 26 European ABOUT YOU online shops in sizes 34 to 44. The prices range from 14.90 € to 189.99 €.