NUMÉRO NETHERLANDS is a growing progressive movement and publishes a unique biannual publication that brings the fashion world, art and design together in collaboration with leading international photographers, top models and the best-known stylists and young talent. NUMÉRO NETHERLANDS distinguishes itself by a progressive course in the highest segment and a solid editorial positioning exclusively publishing home-made content. 

The brand enjoys growing attention online, the social media channels are among the most popular in its segment with strong involvement of fans of the brand. In collaboration with partners in fashion, art and design, NUMÉRO NETHERLANDS organizes distinctive events in which creativity and quality are paramount.

NUMÉRO NETHERLANDS is licensed by NUMÉRO SAS in Paris. The company is managed and owned by FLORIS Media B.V., FLORIS MÜLLER is director of NUMÉRO NETHERLANDS, production is headed by TIMOTEJ LETONJA. 


FLORIS MEDIA is a dynamic and innovative publishing house based in the heart of Amsterdam. The company develops, produces, distributes and sells distinctive books, magazines and online media brands. The company’s goal is to stand out with high quality content and a strong focus on new ways of distribution. FLORIS MEDIA believes the appreciation of its target audiences define the success of our work.

PBQ MEDIA was founded in 2017, making it one of the youngest media firms in the country. The organisation however is built on years of knowledge of and a strong network in publishing. FLORIS MEDIA is convinced quality, creativity and originality stand out and gives its best in everything the company does.

Continuity and transparency determine FLORIS MEDIA’s progress. The company prides itself with its continuous investment in its products and people. FLORIS MEDIA has a lean organisation and maintains long-term relations with freelancers and suppliers. The company has no debt and only one dedicated shareholder, making it possible to adjust effectively to the demands of readers without any big costs or time-loss.

Branding is all about story telling. FLORIS MEDIA is convinced commercial partners benefit most from not only advertising but telling the story behind their brand, giving insights and sharing the experience of a product or service to its readers and followers. Therefor the company prefers to build durable alliances with all its partners, customised to their needs and wishes.