The industry leader in natural fragrance, for nearly a decade, Abel’s mission has been to create the world’s best 100 percent natural perfume without compromising on ethics or aesthetics, and in doing so, inspire positive change. Born in Amsterdam and now calling Wellington, New Zealand home, you can find the collection in a thoughtful edit of the world’s top stores, across 25 countries, including throughout Europe.

Tired of putting toxic chemicals on her skin and knowing their impact on the environment, former winemaker, Frances Shoemack founded Abel in 2013 when she was unable to find a natural perfume that was chic, modern and long lasting. Working with Master Perfumers, Isaac Sinclair and Fanny Grau, Abel sets itself apart in its use of the latest natural science and its relentless pushing at the intersection of sustainability and minimalist luxury with a collection of scents that are 100% natural, biodegradable and non-toxic.

In line with the company’s focus on both sustainability and excellence, the main fragrance collection is a careful edit of seven gender-neutral scents. Operating a ‘one in, one out’ policy to avoid creating ‘more stuff’ in the world, every time the brand launches a new collection scent, it removes an existing. The need to ‘kill a darling’ to launch a new one means new fragrances have to meet an exceptional standard.

Completing the collection is Nurture, a functional fragrance in collaboration with Gray Label, created by Shoemack and perfumer, Fanny Grau (both mothers themselves) to support and celebrate motherhood. Made with low allergen and grounding ingredients, Nurture is pregnancy and breastfeeding safe while being a comforting and restorative scent.