They believe in taking a moment to show appreciation for everything we have in life. This involves focusing on the positive and appreciating the things you often take for granted: warm sunshine, clean water, healthy food, loving family and friends. They also believe gratitude creates abundance and joy. Giving thanks makes you feel happier, more present, and confident to live your best life.

Their products are created to help remind you to take a moment and be thankful for your life.

About the materials and ingredients:

They use a 100% natural wax created by the manufacturing arm of Cire Trudon, the oldest candle maker in the world since 1643. The wax was developed with the utmost care to ensure a clean burn and an exceptional factory experience. Creating a fragrance requires patience, experience and creativity. They partnered with French nose and bespoke perfumer Anais Fournial to exclusively develop our three signature signature fragrances Confiance, Joie and Sérénité. AAYALI fragrances can be characterized as sophisticated, timeless, elevating and evoking a feeling of ultimate luxury. Their candles are poured in France in timeless reusable vessels made from pressed glass, ceramic – an exclusive design handmade for AAYALI by Belgian brand VAL POTTERY, and French Limoges porcelain Brass, an alloy of copper and zinc, is one of the most durable metals. It does not rust and when treated carefully, it can last for generations. AAYALI’s founder traveled to India in search of the best brass craftsmanship. All their accessories are made in India by skilled artisans using 100% solid brass of the highest quality. 



Top notes: Spices
Heart notes: Sandalwood
Base notes: Cashmere, Cedarwood, Moss

Personality: Classy / Intriguing / Seductive

Reminds you of: A crackling fireplace


Top notes: Floral bouquet
Heart notes: Bourbon vanilla, Mimosa Base notes: Amber

Personality: Delicate / Comforting / Cozy

Reminds you of: Warm rays of sunshine on a crisp morning


Top notes: Fig
Heart notes: Jasmine, Orange blossom, TuberoseBase notes: Cashmere

Personality: Elegant / Sophisticated / Romantic

 Reminds you of: A relaxing day at the spa

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