On the red carpet of the highly-anticipated Wonka premier, Timothée Chalamet debuted another feat of creativity: a unique Cartier necklace, developed by the Maison’s Jewelry ateliers, with the creative input of the Cartier ambassador.

This exceptional creation was realised for the actor following his encounter with Marie-Laure Cérède, Cartier’s Creative Director of Jewellery and Watchmaking. They met at the Maison’s Jewellery ateliers in the heart of Paris, where Chalamet was immersed in the house’s savoir-faire, and the duo shared their sources of inspiration and creative visions for the piece, including a series of film stills submitted by Chalamet.

From this creative jumping-off point, the design studios and Parisian ateliers worked together to create this one-off piece, while also considering the distinctive style and character of this longstanding Maison ambassador.

Fitted precisely to Chalamet in the ateliers, so that the creation sits directly on the skin, the white gold structure is scattershot with rotating precious stones: a combination of onyx, opals, tourmalines and emeralds in bright, enticing nuances of colour.

Following its red-carpet appearance, the necklace will take its place in the Cartier Collection, where it will be available to travel around the globe for presentation to the public through relevant exhibitions.

“For years Cartier has been my favourite jewellery for special occasions, so meeting with the Maison’s creation studios was an extremely humbling experience. Marie-Laure and I wanted to do something eclectic, a candy-cane masterpiece that is evocative and joyful. The young Wonka is colourful and ambitious and brilliant, and it’s an homage to that character and his ingenuity.”

– Timothée Chalamet

“This one-of-a-kind creation is more than a necklace, it’s a work of art. The white gold structure was our blank canvas, and our ‘paints’ were a palette of more than 900 fantastically-coloured precious stones. Set by hand, one by one, the effect is reminiscent of pointillism. This uninterrupted visual landscape transforms before your eyes to reveal an imaginary universe that is whimsical, magical, outrageously colourful – and charged with emotion.”

– Marie-Laure Cérède, Creative Director of Jewellery and Watchmaking