A State of Trance DESTINATION was the flagship festival’s 10th edition on Dutch soil and also saw the introduction of the event in its new home, Ahoy Rotterdam. Armin van Buuren alongside 60 other acts performed for over 40.000 visitors

The highly anticipated A State of Trance festival brought together over 40.000 music enthusiasts from across the globe at Ahoy Rotterdam. The event hosted an array of musical genres from trance to melodic techno set against the backdrop of the festival’s new established home. A diverse line-up of 60 acts rocked Ahoy Rotterdam over the weekend including Ben Hemsley, Benwal, Colyn, Cosmic Gate, Innellea, MORTEN. Most notably, Armin van Buuren performed special back-to-back sets with Joris Voorn, HI-LO & the entire A State of Trance Radio team.

“I can’t begin to mention how special this weekend was! This year brought some really exciting changes, and I’d long been looking forward to welcoming so many people into the festival’s new home. I guess it’s no surprise I’m over the moon with the success of this year’s edition of A State of Trance; from the daytime programming to all of the incredible performances throughout the night and the fun I had playing back to back with Joris Voorn and HI-LO, this weekend shattered all of my expectations.”

Head honcho Armin van Buuren

After many years of calling Utrecht their home, A State of Trance entered a new chapter with the 2024 edition being the first ever held in Rotterdam. However, the new location was not the only significant change. This year’s edition saw the introduction of a day programme that tackled the music industry in a unique way by referring to four themes: mindfulness, talent, art and knowledge. Armin van Buuren himself contributed towards the mindfulness segment of the programme, having been a recurring theme in his new album Breathe In that follows his mental health journey. 

The mini conference took place at the official A State of Trance Hotel, which was another addition to the fan experience. The A State of Trance Hotel was completely sold out and functioned as the epicenter of all activity outside of Ahoy during the weekend. 2024 truly marked the start of a new chapter in the history of A State of Trance, setting the brand up for an incredible future. Due to its huge popularity this year, the A State of Trance Hotel has already been confirmed for 2025. Pre-registering is now possible through this link.

Allan Hardenberg, co-founder and CEO of ALDA, who has been responsible for A State of Trance’s production since the very beginning, mentioned:

“We couldn’t have wished for a better introduction to Rotterdam! We tested our limits this year for A State of Trance, with the expansion to a two day festival as well as the addition of the A State of Trance Hotel and the day time programme, which I proudly took part in. Fortunately it all worked out perfectly, it’s so rewarding to see all of our combined efforts come to life over the weekend. I believe we’ve shown the city what we’re capable of and I think it’s clear that A State of Trance is here to stay.”

Allan Hardenberg, co-founder and CEO of ALDA

Pre-registration for A State of Trance 2025 is possible through this link.