This year more than over 90 000 participants visited the tenth edition of KAPPA FUTURFESTIVAL. From Friday 30 June to Sunday 2 July, more than 100 DJs took turns on the 5 stages located in Parco Dora in the middle of Turin. Numéro had the pleasure to join a weekend in the Northern Italian city, to check out the vibrant energy of the festival and to enjoy the diverse energetic lineup they offered.  


The location is something that impressed me right from the start when I entered the festival. Parco Dora is truly a hidden gem to organize an electronic festival, due to its urban look. Nestled within the bustling city, this park has undergone a remarkable transformation, turning what was once an old car factory into a vibrant industrial park mixed with nature. Something that gives a lot of character to the festival and also a bit of the illegal rave vibe that festivals are aiming for nowadays. 

Line up

This year’s lineup was curated with great care, featuring a selection of a lot of celebrated artists from all around the world. The festival showcased a diverse range of genres within electronic music, providing something for everyone. The Jäger Stage was hosting nothing but the biggest DJs, like Peggy Gou, Swedish House Maffia, Fatboy Slim, and Major Lazer, all putting out their hardest house and techno tracks. The Futur Stage on Friday was fully equipped with AfterLife DJs like Mind Against, Tale of Us, and Stephan Bodzin. On Saturday it transformed into a hard-techno stage with DJs like TRYM, Indira Paganotto, Reinier Zonneveld and I HATE MODELS who all pulled out their hardest tracks that captivated the audience from start to finish. For me personally, the Nova stage on Friday was truly an experience with closing DJs as Job Jobse, who had selected some sexy hard trance songs mixed with poppy remixes, and Floorplan, who always get you into euphoria with mixing gospel into their disco, funk and soul styled house.


All 5 stages at the festival had their own unique ambiance and music genre, with impressive production and attention to detail. Whether it was the main stage or smaller curated areas, the festival organizers did an excellent job of creating immersive environments that enhanced the performances. The main stage was in the ruins of the old factory of the parc and gave truly a magical experience when filled up with the audience. The attention to sound engineering ensured that each performance was sonically immersive, allowing the audience to experience the music in its purest form.


The festival worked hard this year for better environmental protection and works to reduce the impact on various levels. Each of the 5 stages were powered by green energy, 90% of the Festival set-ups were made up of used and reusable components and they also recycled all the plastic bottles. 

The energy at the festival was incredible and the enthusiasm of the crowd was unreal. The vibrant atmosphere brought up a welcoming and inclusive environment, encouraging attendees to fully immerse themselves in the music and enjoy the festival to the fullest. It was overall an unforgettable experience and something that should be a must-go on your list if you love going to electronic festivals. We can’t wait for the next edition!

Words by Rebecca Kapenga

Images by Elephant Studio