For the Spring / Summer 2024 collection Rhuigi Villaseñor once again returned to his upbringing. Only this season served as a reset; It was about reinstating old codes, introducing new ones, and narrowing down a more focused collection that represents the direction in which he wants to take the brand. “I looked back to when I was a kid growing up, packing our bags from different cities to countries with my parents in hopes to provide a bright future and a beautiful way of life. It’s taught me so much on the way I value the world” said Villaseñor.

The collection, titled “A Dream Within A Dream” was conceived from a personal dream Villaseñor has always had, to learn how to sail. And while he pulled from a multitude of sources for inspiration for this collection: large planes, camels in the middle east, boats in South-East Asia, large billboards in America, movies of European secret agents, and superheroes, to be exact, a common theme prevailed: an amalgamation of his idea of the new Americana.

The collection presented refined suiting in opulent fabrics, nautical themed silks, and nylon track jackets and pants as previously shown by the brand – reimagined here with shorter hems and maritime tones. While the brand has long filtered in womenswear into its collections, Villaseñor is adamant about building the brand from what it has been known for to his dreams of the New Americana Lifestyle Brand – set somewhere between Los Angeles and the south of France.

“Set sail and find peace. What I needed most is what I already had”