In a calm but tasteful affair, Numero Netherlands had the privilege of being part of the exclusive opening of GREEN, orchestrated by culinary experts Peter and Marieke Lute. After dedicating over a year to refinement and perfection, the doors of GREEN officially swung open, inviting you to indulge in a cosmopolitan dining experience on the 26th floor of the Valley in Amsterdam’s Zuidas, nestled within the flagship store of Molteni&C.

Our intimate dinner experience at GREEN was a symphony of tasteful dishes crafted from ingredients sourced straight from the Lute’s land. Paired with captivating cocktails and panoramic views, the restaurant’s design effortlessly becomes a perfect setting, ensuring the focus stays on the exceptional food. The fascinating story of Peter and Marieke Lute’s culinary journey has us excitedly looking forward to the delicious creations they have planned for the future. Welcome to GREEN, where each visit promises not just a meal but a captivating story of passion, flavor, and innovation.

From Wednesday to Saturday lunch and dinner at Amsterdam’s highest restaurant

Renowned chef Peter Lute has already earned his culinary reputation, and in his restaurant GREEN, you experience Lute’s next-level culinary expertise. Together with his wife Marieke, they took their time to perfect everything within the restaurant. Now, it’s time to throw open the doors for anyone seeking a relaxed lunch or dinner with the most beautiful view in Amsterdam.

Elevated Dining on the 26th Floor

GREEN embodies pure ingredients, approachable hospitality, and top quality on the 26th floor of the prominent Valley building in Zuidas. The entrance is discreetly nestled within the Molteni&C interior store, giving the feeling of entering a speakeasy. A lift transports guests to the top floor, revealing an unparalleled view of the capital. GREEN is surrounded by expansive, tall windows, and on clear days, the skylines of The Hague, Rotterdam, and Utrecht are visible. The interior is an extension of the design store on the ground floor, featuring Molteni&C furniture, a bar, and a kitchen, creating a warm and homely atmosphere. It’s like dining at a friend’s place, albeit a friend living in a vast loft. The space is also suitable for private parties and dinners. Both GREEN and the showroom were designed by the Belgian designer Vincent Van Duysen.

Local, Fresh, Sustainable

GREEN is an easygoing restaurant where you can expect top quality. It’s not about whispering fine dining but a welcoming place where both the kitchen and the bar take center stage. Bartenders craft the finest cocktails, and chefs cook with the freshest produce, much of which comes from Peter and Marieke’s own land. Anything not grown in-house is sourced from local suppliers. The menu features a lot of greens, complemented by meat and fish dishes—only the best of the best, considering the Earth we live on. Sustainability, organic practices, and small-scale production are paramount. The fact that the entire Valley is climate-positive also contributes to the eco-friendly approach. Don’t expect a stiff atmosphere when visiting Peter and Marieke on Zuidas; instead, anticipate a pleasant day or evening, perhaps even with some dancing. All of this in a familiar, warm ambiance with a breathtaking view of Amsterdam.

Opening Hours and Additional Information

GREEN is open from Wednesday to Saturday starting at 12:00 PM. For more information, visit