The SS24 collection explores the concept of mimesis. By using repetition as a lens to investigate the evolution of menswear aesthetics, this collection marks an intriguing and transformative chapter for _J.L-A.L_.

Characterised by duality, it centres the brand’s exploration of purposeful design over form, yet introduces a new perspective on traditional menswear silhouettes.

Brand codes of intricate panelling and refined functionality return, accompanied by seasonal details like bounce-back pockets and laser-cut hems. Emphasis is placed on utilitarian cuts and the transformation of details into multiplied forms, such as triple-collared shirts. A sniper’s cape is reimagined in cotton seersucker, while the pockets of a hooded tri-layer can be detached and fastened to a seasonal crossbody. Translucent shell jackets with raised hems are cinched into frilled silhouettes, while lace accents embellish wool suiting. Garments are mirrored in natural and synthetic fibres—iterations of the same piece with a shared approach to functionality.

SS24 is an investigation of these parallels, an insight into the ways in which _J.L-A.L_ has mastered technical construction and embarked into an exploration of his extensive menswear references. Thus, the process of replication alters old patterns, opening up the potential for new possibilities to arise. _J.L-A.L_ is manufactured and distributed across select retailers worldwide by Slam Jam.