The 90s, United States of America. For the fashion world it’s the start of a global trend, a mix of styles that blend, in the background the great American cities, New York and Miami. The new Spring-Summer 2023 collection by Pence 1979 starts from the urban vibe of the Big Apple, at the time the cradle of change and innovation. With their rhythm and a rapidly evolving cultural landscape, they created unforgettable casualwear from which the brand drew inspiration. 

The colour palette reflects the climate of experimentation of those years. The search for new styles, taking the cue from various previous fashion influences, finds its ideal expression in a series of classical colours such as white, black, khaki and beige alongside more flamboyant designs. 

The denim-mania goes hand in hand with the know-how of the brand, that has always stood out for its ability to re-propose the most beloved of fabrics in new variations. Opalescent plating, a different type of wash, makes pastel and white colours shine in the women’s collection for full-of-personality garments. 

A wide range of expressions of femininity find its space with the slim silk dress, to be paired with a denim maxi-jacket, and with the Serafino dress, the brand’s emissary t-shirt that can be worn as a dress for this season. The oversized volumes and casual-cool style recall the New York hip hop 90s world with overshirts and dungarees. 

Pence 1979 experiments and innovates in the search for new styles and beyond. The study of new technologies to be ecological and sustainable is taken into big consideration. Two new washings, implemented in the production process of men’s and women’s garments, involve the use of a laser instead of water, thus saving on such a precious resource. 

Starting from these premises, the men’s collection is articulated into fabric and denim lines, communicating with each other through the fabrics and materials mixing. Extensive use of gabardine for chino worker pants and waistcoats. This ultra-light fabric is treated and dried in the sun for a heterogeneous colour effect that makes each garment unique. 

The brand’s dialogue with its archive continues with the NATURAL line. Natural colours and relaxed fits, make up part of the denim pieces in cool wool. 

The freedom of self-expression without the limitation of being tied to label remains fundamental and core of the new collection, which gives plenty of room to pieces with a genderless flavour. LOGOMANIA, the result of this vision, is the all-over denim garments family with printed logos, capable of fully capturing the personality of the wearer. 

Oversized shapes and abundant volumes have a leading role in this line. NOAH are the ripstop combat trousers with embroidered side band that retrieves the motif from the brand’s archive. These pants reintroduce the execution of embellishments on denim for a central model in the no-gender narrative. Jungle pattern-printed Bermuda shorts and Hawaiian shirts, catch the eye with energy and grit. 

Knowing how to fuse the heritage of a long history of excellence in denim with new freedom of expression continues to be the core of a brand that has been anticipating and shaping trends for over forty years.