Titled “Sandboarding Express” as a reference to sand dune surfing, the 8ON8 Spring/Summer collection sets a scene where the mundane and the dreamlike collide, exploring the story of a city commuter who, in the middle of a normal day, finds himself carried away to a secret desert realm. Designer Li Gong envisions a kaleidoscope of images, settings and objects, both real and imagined, seen while sandboarding through the desert.

The show unfolds as a journey over sand dunes, exploring its inspiration through natural fibers to create a dynamic texture contrast mirroring the remote landscape of Western China. Complex techniques and fabric treatments are enmeshed with everyday casual wear, making each piece distinctive.

Using various printing techniques influenced by traditional Western China textiles, results vary from hand-sprayed gradient effects to wave-like plaid in knitted pieces. Throughout the collection, cross knots are presented in various forms including fabric-stacking, combination prints and three-dimensional effects, bringing a visual appeal and a humorous design language. The brand’s signature suit tailoring remains unique, experimenting with a couture-inspired collar design that folds delicately upon itself at the back of the neck. Multi-material sneakers with asymmetrical lacing and draped details are designed in collaboration with Asics.