The song is a collaboration between Leo Stunna and WAY 45 featuring Nucho Staff, with production by YeezyYuri.

Stream the single here.

608 Records is gearing up to release its debut album and has just dropped the first powerful taste of this endeavor. “NBA” is a collaboration between Leo Stunna and WAY 45, featuring a special appearance by Nucho Staff, and it promises to captivate listeners from the very first beat.

Produced by the talented YeezYuri, the track is a statement piece. Blending elements of egotrip with racial and social consciousness, the lyrics of “NBA” deliver impactful punchlines on determination and social justice. Additionally, the track sheds light on a topic often overlooked by the international media—the ongoing genocide in Congo, which has claimed the lives of over ten million people.

Adding an unexpected twist to the musical landscape, the single features AC Milan’s rising football star, Rafael Leão, going by the moniker WAY 45. Renowned for his skills on the field, Leão seamlessly transitions into the world of music, contributing to the track’s allure and injecting a dose of star power into 608 Records’ ambitious venture.

With a drill-infused sound and an irresistible chorus, “NBA” is the type of song that sticks in your head. According to Leandro Lopes, founder of 608 Records, the single is just a glimpse of what’s to come on the album: “Our label’s debut album is on the horizon, and with ‘NBA,’ listeners will quickly grasp the weight of the project. Whether it’s the flow, the lyrics, or the sound, each member has brought their own identity to the table, resulting in a seamlessly fluid final product. You can navigate between more melodious scenes and heavier beats, perfect for deep listening sessions in the car with friends.”

As “NBA” hits the airwaves, it not only promises to dominate charts but also brings attention to critical global issues. This single showcases 608 Records’ dedication to impactful storytelling through music, setting the stage for an exciting chapter in their musical journey.