3.PARADIS introduced its 10-year anniversary collection which describes the beautiful journey of dreams and the power to design a life you love through freedom and clarity of one’s purpose.

This unique collection is divided into four parts, each representing a key moment of the pathway of dreams.

The first part of the collection, “The Window of Opportunity”, embraces opportunity and choices through open mindedness and curiosity. It celebrates the limitless potential of the world, and the opportunities that exist for those who are open to seeking them. The second part, “I Believe I Can Fly”, reflects self-belief and confidence. It embraces the idea that anything is possible if you have the courage to believe in yourself. The third part, “Shoot for the Stars”, references ambition. It encourages people to take risks and be persistent in the pursuit of their passions in order to reach the goal. Finally, the fourth part, “Sky is the Limit”, is a celebration of the achievement and devotion to dream. It is a reminder to never give up and keep striving for success.

The collection also celebrates unity through a variety of significant collaborations including one with the prestigious shoemaker J.M. Weston which was an honor for 3.PARADIS and J.M. Weston to bring to life a shared vision of loafers and oxfords for the collection. Additionally, artist Edgar Plans, who is best known for his vibrant, playful and colorful illustrations brings a unique visual expression to the collection with a range of button shirts, varsity jackets and other jersey items.

3.PARADIS, Paris Saint-Germain Football Club and Jordan Brand join forces in which the labels celebrate the 10th anniversary of the brand and 11th anniversary of the world renowned football club along with 11 Ligue 1 Titles.

Finally, Rimowa celebrates 3.PARADIS’ 10th anniversary with a collaboration of 10 exclusive luggages which are featured in various sizing.

3.PARADIS’ Creative Director, Emeric Tchatchoua shares: “This collection is a reflection of our journey to dreams in building 3.PARADIS over the past 10 years. It is both reminiscent of the past while also an exciting celebration of what’s next for us. We are grateful to be alive, so we’ve chosen to fly”.