Spring-Summer 2023


Outerwear lifestyle brand, Rains, debuts Spring-Summer 2023 collection,

Rains unveils its SS23 collection, titled >CONNECT<, at the brand’s second Paris Fashion Week show, this time held at the iconic Le 104. The collection and show stand as evocative calls to connect – both to the duality of self and the people around us:

“The SS23 collection is a reaction to recent times. A contribution to the growing call to embrace connection – to lean into openness. When searching for an embodiment of that feeling, we looked to the early days of the New York Club Kids movement.

The inspiration was less about the look and more the energy that united the Club Kids, and all iconic subcultural groups: unapologetic authenticity and acceptance. A deep sense of belonging born out of music, art, and expression.

As we began imagining our Club Kids within Rains’ functional universe, we grew curious about the duality daily life would inevitably demand. The ‘you’ commuting to university or the office, versus the ‘you’ revealed in the night club. The alter ego. The collection presents both sides of the self – day and night – tethered to music and the Rains’ aesthetic,” says Head of Design, Tanne Vinter.

The pulse of the show and collection. The >CONNECT< show leveraged music as the most powerful universal connector, and lifeblood of subcultural belonging. Amid towering speaker setups and on-show cabling all working show elements – model looks explored the collection’s alter egos.

“The professional side is expressed through long trench coats, sturdy briefcase-inspired bags, and sharp easy-to-digest silhouettes. All have an almost tailored expression through laser cut construction, and concealed details.

The night club persona is seen in wet-look and semi-shiny surfaces, crinkled fabrics, transparent spandex, and abstract aluminum forms. We underscored the broader message of connection through an open and optimistic palette of light pastels. All colors feel refined, organic, and accessible in single-tone colorways,” concludes Tanne Vinter.