1/OFF launches a message of transformation and inspires its community to welcome the unkown.

 1/OFF, the fashion label that upcycles high-end vintage and transforms it into new manifestations, announces its first brand campaign ‘Into the unknown’. The film, created by artist Tim Wes showcases a mood of transition and aims to inspire society to embrace the unkown and have an open minded approach to a reshaped world.

Reflective of both 1/OFF’s spirit and the tumultuous world, the film touches on how society is questioning old beliefs and moving into a time of transformation.The Chanel x Levi’s Love Child Jacket symbolizes the evolving mood and beginning of a new narrative. It is showcased by movement, music and light.

Each item is unique and has been re(created) by a team of highly skilled couture makers. The upcycling process respects the craft and quality of these iconic pieces and extends the lifespan by transforming it to a contemporary design.

The Love Child jackets are exclusive to Selfridges, alongside signature designs from the brand’s debut collection – prices start £200 — £3.000

The beginning of a new narrative: Nobody knows exactly where the shift will take us. Through this journey ‘into the unknown’, 1/OFF aims to play a part in resetting the dial to create the space needed to experience new energy, ideas and experimentation. The brand is born from the ideology that fashion should no longer be perceived as disposable, but part of an eternal cycle of inspiration.