1/OFF PARIS Presents their LATEST _EDIT

1/OFF, a luxury fashion label rooted in the up-cycle movement, celebrates the legacy of grand designers by transforming high-end vintage garments into contemporary, disruptively unique items.

Each 1/OFF creation truly is one-of-a-kind, using items sourced and curated from around the world to be (re)imagined by their team of highly skilled couture makers. With a deeply felt respect for the quality and craftsmanship of the original pieces, 1/OFF creates unique and unexpected designs that connect the past with the future, the fun with the formal, the gutter with the catwalk.

Their newest collection _EDIT SCARVES celebrates the diversity and endless possibilities of utilising vintage (designer) scarves. Ranging in fabric, colour, size and pattern, 1/OFF makes use of these little treasures to elevate boxy blazers, create cascading dresses and ruffled, textured tops.

Available to buy at 1offparis.com and select stockists now.

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