1/OFF has been active at Paris Fashion Week for several years now. This year, the designer upcycling brand is organizing its show for the first time during Amsterdam Fashion Week: ‘Otherworld’.

1/OFF transforms designer vintage into contemporary, unique designs. By constantly reinventing used clothing and fabrics, the brand introduces a new form of luxury fashion. Creativity is the creative factor. This makes 1/OFF an ode to the ingenuity that has made fashion such a beloved part of our lives. “Our collection is based on four types of vintage. For each type, we show the enormous variety of possibilities to transform the same piece into new shapes,” says founder Renée van Wijngaarden. “It is evolution in action. Because new mutations are constantly being created, new variations are constantly being added.” For her show, 1/OFF has created four worlds, each with its own styling, music and choreography. Together they are part of ‘Otherworld’, a place where fashion is not a disposable product, but part of an endless cycle of inspiration. “The aim of the show is to introduce more people to our clothes. And to show how it can be done differently, that the end of something can also be the beginning of something beautiful.” The 1/OFF show took place on August 31 in the Contemporary Art Space in Amsterdam Noord.